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Simple Moments Make for Great Memories

Simple Moments Make for Great Memories


As I update this blog, I usually try to stick to somewhat of a topic when I'm writing (doesn't always work) and the videos are even harder to keep coherent.  But this week I realized that sometimes it doesn't matter.  Sometimes its just a simple memory I want to be able to look back on and know that it meant something to me, even if it just made me smile for a second. When I started to look through the video footage I had from this weekend at Jam Bay I thought there is nothing here.  There is no story.  There is no theme.  I can't make this into anything...maybe I'll combine it with another weekend down the road.

Then I watched the clips over and over and it hit me that little pieces of real life like this is exactly what we forget down the road.  Whether your watching your friends learn how to hoop or a toddler have a blast in the sand, its little things like that, that make traveling real.  It's not always glamorous and a huge party...it's life.

Getting there is half the journey and I know when I go home I'll miss those bus rides and motorbike taxi rides and no one will understand.  I'll wish I was sitting on the sand just talking.  I'll want to laugh all night with good friends.  Sure, the partying and "once in a lifetime" moments will be sad to leave behind, but these small moments are what make the big moments happen and they're also "once in a lifetime".

So while this video may seem like a bunch of random clips thrown together (which it is), down the road I know I'll want to see those simple little memories and be able to build bigger stories out of them.


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Hand Stands, Hooping, and Heaps of Food

Hand Stands, Hooping, and Heaps of Food