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Hand Stands, Hooping, and Heaps of Food

Hand Stands, Hooping, and Heaps of Food


  The weekend started with a new spot.  A few of us checked out a local Thai friend's new bar - North Hollywood.  Now, I'm a big fan of beer, so having beers as my drink of choice in Thailand is fine...but everyone knows wine is my love!  So when we heard that Bobby had a few bottles for sale we jumped at it (regardless of the price).  I spent the night with my good friend Robert Mondavi, while also missing my good friend Erin from home.  That girl and I enjoy a night on the town with our friend Robert every now and then.  P1010075 P1010076 P1010077

(wine snobs).P1010078 P1010079

Saturday morning we found ourselves back in Khanom with a small group and a big set of speakers.  Eric has been taking old suitcases and transforming them into amazing speakers, so we lounged on the sand listening to some great music all day long.  P1010080

Isabel, the founder of the Sand on Your Hair game, took the game to land this time.  She covered herself in sand, laughed, and ran to the water...over and over and over.  If only she had been there last time for the boys v. girls competition, she clearly would've taken us all down on her own!  P1010081 P1010082 P1010084 P1010086 P1010087

(I started playing around with my photo editing more this weekend and really liked these in black and white, as well as bold color. ) P1010088

Our game of choice this weekend was anything active - hula hooping, hand stands, yoga...baton twirling (that person shall remain nameless).  It was definitely more relaxing and laid back than normal.  We read, talked, napped, and then ate...and ate and ate and ate. P1010094 P1010095 P1010096 P1010097 P1010099

The best part of our Saturday, by far, was the delicious all you can eat buffet provided for us at Jam Bay.  We had delicious grilled kebabs, fresh salad, crusty French bread, and potatoes.  (As an Irish girl I was extra excited for baked potatoes!)  The food in Thailand has been amazing, but it was great to be able to sit down with a hot potato and a slab of butter and go to town.  Also, having grilled veggies as opposed to "fried" ones definitely had me missing summer BBQ's at home.  We inhaled plate after plate (ok, fine, I...I inhaled plate after plate).  The bread alone would have been exciting since I might as well be on the Atkins diet while I'm here.  P1010100 P1010101 P1010102 P1010103 P1010104 P1010106

With the summer solstice upon us, we tried to peek through the cloudy night to see the "Super Moon".  Isabel had gotten me excited to see the "really big moon", but mother nature thought it would be funny to cover it it haze all night.  Oh well.  P1010107 P1010108 P1010109 P1010110Our nightly entertainment was provided by the usual band and a NEW singer!  (Video to come soon!)

P1010117 P1010118 P1010119 P1010123 P1010124 P1010126

(B's late night snack). P1010129

Dan, the animal lover that he is (not), found some crabs on the beach and picked them up for a photo shoot.  I should've known they were dead - he'd never play with a living crab...baby.  P1010130 P1010131 P1010132 P1010133 P1010135 P1010137 P1010138

Maggie was insistent that we take some group shots, so I set up the self timer and we became those people.  But they came out great...even though we suck at jumping as a group.  P1010139 P1010140 P1010142 P1010143 P1010144

(James' sandals that match his bathing suit beautifully...such a style icon). P1010145 P1010146(Taxi rides home...see you later Jam Bay). 


Simple Moments Make for Great Memories

Simple Moments Make for Great Memories

It's All About Who You Know

It's All About Who You Know