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My Kids are Cooler Than Your Kids

I walked into work this morning matching my students in white shirts.  Everyone was told to leave their uniforms at home and wear a white shirt to recognize  No Smoking Campaign Day...or at least we thought.  When we asked the kids what the white shirts meant, some of them said it was for "No Amphetamines Day" - pick a poison kids! Anyway, when I walked into my P.3 class I saw not only white shirts but medals around some of the students necks.  I didn't even have to ask because before I could get my foot through the door kids were yelling and pointing at their gold and silver pieces.  After some interpretation (I'm still not sure), I came to the conclusion that some of these kids got their prizes from a cup stacking competition.  Obviously, today's "warm-up" of hangman was out the window...I wanted to see this!

Not bad for some 7 & 8 year olds.

[wpvideo bhtsVbIE]

[wpvideo ysyWYZQR]

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Simple Moments Make for Great Memories

Simple Moments Make for Great Memories