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Thailand Revisited

Thailand Revisited

IMG_9158 Over my winter break in Korea, I was lucky enough to fly back to Thailand for two weeks to see my Thai family and my actual family.  The trip began in Bangkok, where we toured the Grand Palace and a few temples in the area.  The usual fanfare and then I got out of there as quickly as possible!IMG_9078 IMG_9159 IMG_9092 IMG_9160 IMG_9105 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9112 IMG_9164 IMG_9165 IMG_9166 IMG_9167 IMG_9168 IMG_9153 IMG_9169 IMG_9210

My first stop when I got "home" to Surat was school.  After I caught up with the Thai staff and tackled the bucket buddy, I popped in to say hi to my kids - who did some double glances and then ran over to talk to me.  IMG_9209 IMG_9208 IMG_9207 IMG_9206

A few days in Surat and it was like I never left.  Banana cakes, post-work beers, Patch's bike, some great pool side views...it was good to be back.  And the food...mmm!IMG_9205 IMG_9203 IMG_9204 IMG_9214 IMG_9216 IMG_9225 IMG_9233 IMG_9243

My regular school kids remembered me immediately and attacked me with love. I missed these munchkins!IMG_9251 IMG_9259 IMG_9300 IMG_9301 IMG_9298 IMG_9297 IMG_9305

The next stop was Koh Phangan, where I'd reunite with the Ferris clan in our beautiful villa!  Why did I leave this place?

IMG_9309 IMG_9313 IMG_9316 IMG_9398 IMG_9397 IMG_9396 IMG_9395 IMG_9394 IMG_9392 IMG_9390 IMG_9389 IMG_9388 IMG_9387 IMG_9385

In between tanning, free massages, fresh coconuts and beach naps, Matt found time to get some calisthenics in.IMG_9402 IMG_9430 IMG_9433 IMG_9435 IMG_9438 IMG_9525 IMG_9524 IMG_9473 IMG_9523 IMG_9526 IMG_9497 IMG_9522 IMG_9521 IMG_9520 IMG_9519 IMG_9530 IMG_9597

Early morning Muay Thai sessions! IMG_9596 IMG_9595 IMG_9592 IMG_9591

Post-familia...I met up with a few waygooks from Korea and a fellow Red Fox from college.  The Half Moon party was on the docket for the night which meant buckets...and man buns. IMG_9598 IMG_9588 IMG_9587 IMG_9585 IMG_9583 IMG_9581 IMG_9617 IMG_9636 IMG_9634

Last, but certainly not least, was Khanom.  It was perfect to be alone on the beach and see old friends again!  IMG_9635 IMG_9633 IMG_9715

In keeping with Khanom traditions, we had a photo shoot...also in keeping with traditions, it was unconventional. IMG_9659 IMG_9672 IMG_9688

Seollal in Seoul

Seollal in Seoul

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland