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Bryan Comes to Korea (AKA That Time I Bought a Selfie Stick...)

Bryan Comes to Korea (AKA That Time I Bought a Selfie Stick...)


The Baby Brosef, Bryan, traveled all the way from New York to come hangout with his Big Sis in Korea for a few weeks.  Unlike some other friends (and family members,) he was brave enough to take on Asia and see what it had to offer.  We hit the ground running, and I think by the end he was doing pretty well adapting to our lifestyle abroad.  IMG_2394 IMG_2406

Bryan was barely in Korea 24 hours, and we were already at the DMZ - the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.  It was a fascinating, humbling, shocking, and eye-opening place to be.   IMG_2404 IMG_2393 IMG_2412

During the tour, we were able to go down one of the tunnels that have been discovered where North Korea planned to invade the south.  As we got deeper into the tunnel, they got shorter and more narrow, hence the hard hats. IMG_2439 IMG_2423 IMG_2434 IMG_2416 IMG_2432 IMG_2509

There is actually a train station that has planned routes if North and South Korea ever re-open their borders.  The departure times and tracks are even listed in the case that this happened tomorrow.  It's a very eerie feeling being in a transportation hub that has never been used, but is still somewhat operating.  It was like being in a ghost town.  IMG_2511 IMG_2469 IMG_2484 IMG_2481

Post-DMZ it was time for Korean classics - like a beer and burgers.  Yes, I took him for plenty of Korean food after this...but when in Seoul, one must indulge in Western fare. IMG_2501 IMG_2461 We decided to hike up to the Seoul Tower for sunset, however sometimes my sense of direction fails me and we didn't quite make it.  Instead, we arrived just after sunset and got to see the city light up for the night! IMG_2517 IMG_2504 IMG_2470 IMG_2325 IMG_2489 IMG_2474

When in Korea, attend a baseball game!  Everyone cheers these organized chants and dances, you can bring your own food AND beer, and it's super cheap!  IMG_2502 IMG_2455 IMG_2596 IMG_2604

Our next stop in the Bryan tours Korea trip we went to Busan for a weekend by the beach.  IMG_2607 IMG_2613 IMG_2623 IMG_2629 IMG_2750

We went to Gamcheon Culture Villiage which has beautifully painted houses against, what looks like, a painted sky. After several attempts at taking a group photo with the fabulous backdrop (and several terrible photographers cutting off our heads or missing the entire background) I caved.  I purchased a selfie stick.  It needed to be done.  Don't judge me.

IMG_2644 IMG_2749 IMG_2746 IMG_2665

Well, I immediately started to abuse the selfie stick privilege and went on a rampage of selfies.  I'll admit it - selfie sticks are fun.  Plus look at that photo - entire group, village AND water in the background.  IMG_2669 IMG_2711 IMG_2720 IMG_2745 IMG_2728 IMG_2733 IMG_2747 IMG_2736

How do you get all of your friends + a giant fish mural in one photo?  A selfie stick. IMG_2867 IMG_2889 IMG_2858

Later in the week, the glorious new addition to my electronic life accompanied us down by the river for a hilarious photoshoot among the flowers. IMG_2838 IMG_2863

Quick, everyone do something "Korean"!IMG_2848 IMG_2852 IMG_2846

Bryan gets extra points for being one of the only friends coming to Asia to visit me!

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