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So Much Room for Activities!

P1020048 This post is definitely a mish mosh of things that have happened in the last two months.  So let's do a quick recap, shall we?  First, there was a fair going on several blocks from my house so we clearly had to check that out!  We found food carts, stands selling clothes, bunnies/cats/birds for sale and a few rides!

P1020051 P1020052

Who wouldn't these great shirts?! OMG, your eyes.P1020053 P1020058 P1020059P1020063

Anyone need a new ax?P1020064

These donuts are fantastic!  The green sauce is a coconut based sauce and is necessary since the donuts and pretty bland on their own. Below, there was pad thai, chicken and rice - staples here. P1020065 P1020066 P1020067

There was also a seafood of buffet.  No, I didn't eat this rubbery imitation-looking seafood.  I couldn't do it.  It looks like it belongs in a Fisher Price playset.  Century eggs - which are literally eggs from last century that are fermented - anyone interested?P1020069 P1020070

Roti!  Now that's where I can get down.  Rotis are basically Thailand's version of crepes.  And these weren't just your normal roti on the street...these were GIANT roti!  The guys running the stand were really friendly and joking around having a great time so we had to stop and get one.   P1020072

Mango sticky rice?  Yum!  Sticky rice with a coconut sauce and pieces of mango are great!P1020073 P1020074

Nikki and I decided to take a ride on the Ferris wheel although we didn't realize how tight of a squeeze it would be.  We managed to get ourselves into one little cart which was very cage like.  After a few turns, we were done but the people running the cart either didn't understand us or just thought it was hysterical that two full grown adults were inside this tiny little cart and kept us going around and around. P1020076 P1020077 P1020080

Now that the fair is over, what's next?  Oh food!  Of course!  Angela and I tried to meet for dinner one night and our first option was sadly closed.  We drove down the round until we happened upon this place and decided why not.  You pick food from a buffet - vegetables, meats, noodles - and cook them in one pot that has a grill on top and a bowl on the bottom to make a soup.  P1020094

Sports day came around again, but this time it was the kids' turn to play.  The teachers started off the day at 8am playing a game of chairball against the students and then continued the day watching relay races and dance-off competitions.  P1020104 P1020117 P1020129

You thought you were good at this game at field day?  Did you ever run it barefoot?  I thought not. P1020147 P1020163 P1020170 P1020175

Dance-off, Avril Lavinge style. P1020182 P1020189P1020218 P1020219 P1020227

Next on our list of fun things to do in Thailand...beer Olympics!  This was hosted at our former house since we would soon be leaving it anyway - might as well go out with a bang! DSCF1112 DSCF1113 DSCF1127DSCF1148 DSCF1150

Team "Singha-pour" came out victorious!  But it was a great night for all countries.  The summer Olympics will occur in the next few months...DSCF1154DSCF1204 DSCF1208 DSCF1225S0211259 P1030479

Halloween!  The years of trick or treating and school dances have come to an end.  Now we're adults and instead we make spooky dinners and get dressed up for our own amusement.  Catty and Angela hosted and deliciously devilish meal for us and it was incredible! P1030482

The menu included pumpkin soup, handmade pasta (rolled with a candle of course - we have limited supplies here) with a cauliflower version of alfredo sauce, orange jack-o-lanterns filled with salad with a beet dressing, and a watermelon for dessert. P1030485 P1030488 P1030490

These were maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen and I know some friends at home who will be stealing this idea for next year! Deviled eggs made an appearance as well! P1030497 P1030498

The pasta came with sauteed mushrooms which were used to make our dish look like a ghost!  Seriously, this girl thought of everything!P1030499 P1030501 P1030504

Mapraao got wasted as usual...such a drunk.P1030511 P1030513

Our watermelon brain dessert was awesome!  But Dani Jo's costume may have been more awesome.  She was "white trash" complete with tissue box shoes! P1030491P1030518 P1030522


Finally, as I mentioned in a previous post...Haley and I moved into our new house that has an amazing kitchen.  Thankfully my roommate loves to cook and I come home to these beautiful meals at night - romantic BLT's anyone?

Joe Comes to Asia!

Joe Comes to Asia!

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