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Hello...Anyone Out There?

Before I inundate your Facebook newsfeed, twitter updates, or inboxes with new posts of my life...let me explain my hiatus from the blog. October was crazy, insane, busy, amazing, and left me with no time to finish a bowl of rice, let alone write a blog post.

First off, it was the end of term.  To any non-teachers reading this, that meant prepping my students for their exams, giving said exam, grading aforementioned exam, recording their scores, finishing grading any workbook/notebook that went without notice over the previous few months, and getting any materials/lesson plans ready for the new term.  All in all it wasn't as terrible as I just made it seem but there were definitely some long days at my desk with my earbuds wedged so far into my head I thought they'd never come out.

Then my roommate and I prepared for the big move.  That once amazing house we had when we first moved to Thailand, in reality was the biggest problem of all time.  I felt like my mom when something breaks in the house, "I swear to god if one more thing goes wrong, I'll...move.  I'll just move."  After a long six months dealing with astronomical water bills, freezing water, or sometimes no water at all we were done!

We packed up several cars worth of suitcases, wardrobes, kitchen appliances, and fans (similar to my Marist days when my entire life got packed into an SUV) and hit the road...about five minutes down the road, to our new abode.  To say, "I love this house," would be an understatement.  It's amazing.  We both have AC, we both have balconies, we have a spacious living room and eat-in kitchen with actual culinary appliances.  (Granted our stove isn't working right now, but I won't let it get me down! Griddler and toaster oven to the rescue!)

In between the work and move, the best part of October took place...BREAK!  We enjoyed two glorious weeks away from books, pencils, and children and even more exciting...Surat!  I was too excited-for-words for October not just because I would be able to get "Teacher Dannie, Teacher Dannie, Teacher Dannie" out of my head, but because the man, the myth, the legend J.Lav made it to Thailand!

Joe miraculously took a month off of work to come visit me after six long months of doing the long-distance thing.  We did an amazing tour of Asia and saw everything we could get our jet-lagged bodies to see.

Now that I'm a week into school and settled into my new digs (photos to come) I can finally sit down (with Internet!) and fill you in on my adventures...so get ready to waste your lunch break reading these bad boys, Carly, that's you!


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