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The Little One Comes to Thailand

The Little One Comes to Thailand


Before I get started on my sister's trip to Thailand, let's review some of the things I've done in the previous weeks here in Surat.  1.  We went grocery shopping.  I know this was fun when I went off on my own to college, but here it is even more exciting!  When you live in a place that doesn't have food that you're used to - eating can sometimes be a challenge (a fun challenge) but a challenge nonetheless.  So grocery shopping at Tops (the western food mecca) is a glorious and freaking expensive outing!  James was particularly happy this day as we ventured down the tea aisle.  This Brit would make the Queen cry with his love for the elegant brew.  P1010636P1010635

2.  We came across a Thai competition (?) in the mall.  We weren't sure what they were competing for, but we assumed it had something to do with ancient story telling.  P1010628

3. We broke out our party hats for a Farang teachers rooftop party!P1010629P1010626

4. We had a Leo photo shoot in our matching attire...I see GAP written all over this.  P1010625

Now, number 5 will lead into Lori's visit to the great unknown.  A few weeks ago, Angela, B, Haley and I ventured around our area to find some monkeys, buddha, and a great view -- what else would you do with your weekend?P1010662P1010641P1010644P1010700P1010678P1010683


So when we found a little time in my busy schedule, Lori and I hit the road on my bike and went to explore those areas for a bit of Thai culture.  IMG_3326

This guy was the most playful and would follow us around the cage wherever we walked!  IMG_3322IMG_3320It's great to know that even in our "layover" city there are some cool spots to check out when you have less than an hour to do so.  Our first stop was to the animal sanctuary (I don't know the real names of these places, so this is what it is referred to as).  We played with some monkeys and enjoyed the views of Surat from up above.  Then we headed to a temple a little further down the road.  Even though this was my second time here in less than a month, I really enjoy this spot.  It's nice to be reminded of the Thai's spiritual beliefs and how they honor their ancestors.  I think Lori had a good time and was happy to be out of my sweltering room and loud classroom for a bit.

IMG_3370 IMG_3367 IMG_3365IMG_3346(Selfies for mom!)IMG_3361

This Buddha statue was hidden up the mountain at the end of a staircase!IMG_3338

P1010732 P1010749 P1010740 P1010731

We knew Mom would be jealous of all of these elephants but we couldn't steal offerings! P1010719P1010728 P1010726P1010712P1010690

P1010686 P1010666

When we were done being tourists, she came with me to be a teacher.  Sitting in on my classes, I'm sure, was somewhat of a bore for a person traveling 48 hours to get here...but we had a good time.  Lori was able to spread her knowledge and love for ballroom dancing with Dani Jo's class of students as they learned about different cultures.  (Check out Dani's blog for more Thailand fun!)

Untitled 5Untitled7Untitled 48Untitled 34Untitled 22My students loved her and LOVED her camera!  Here are some of my little ones at the after school program:IMG_3397 IMG_3393 IMG_3390IMG_3402IMG_3399

(There is a slight possibility I'll try to adopt this child, he cracks me up!)IMG_3394IMG_3386IMG_3387

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