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Mai Pen Rai

Mai Pen Rai



As children we tend to ask why? all of the time.  Why is the sky blue?  Why do I have to go to bed?  Why do we have to eat vegetables? Why? Why? Why?  As I've gotten older and seen more things, I've started to ask Why not? Should we have one more drink?  Why not!?  Should I give up my job and move across the world?  Why not!?  It seems to make life more spontaneous and carefree when you just say why not?  


Why is this two year old helping his Dad pull kayaks back into shore all day?  Mai pen rai!? (Thai for no worries)  He's adorable...plus he'll have to learn the family biz at some point.


P1010620 P1010541

After setting up a boating adventure to take us around the various beaches of Koh Phi Phi, we were ready for a day of exploring and snorkeling.  We piled into a small fast boat and just when we thought we couldn't be any more patient - the engine got caught in the ropes.  Naturally, one of our very own and another male traveler (whose good karma would not be returned to him later on - damn sea urchins!) jumped in to help our driver and to get us the hell out of port!  Why would we be stuck with the boat driver who didn't realize that the tow lines were surrounding us and that he should pull up the propellor?  Why not? In the end, it broke the tension of impatience on the boat and made for a funny bonding experience between passengers.

P1010542 P1010576 P1010582 P1010587 P1010590

One of our stops was at the famous Maya Bay.  Maya Bay is where The Beach with Leo DiCaprio was filmed.  However, through the magic of Hollywood, the beach is completely enclosed by mountains.  In real life, it's almost 2/3 of the way surrounded by land.  I wasn't able to take any pictures because we had to swim from our boats to this innncreeedibly sturdy rope ladder, climb over that and walk to the other side of the island to get to the actual beach.  And my camera is not waterproof...yet.  I was a bit frustrated - Why did no one tell me that we'd need to swim to get there?  Instead, I said why not and used this time to take some mental photographs and soak it all in without a lens.  So if you're wondering what it looked like, go google some images of The Beach or Maya Bay to see this gorgeous piece of paradise.


Why is this weird shipwreck in a cave here?  Why is it called the Viking Cave?  And why are there people still in there?  It's Thailand...why not? 

P1010556 P1010553P1010544 P1010551P1010612P1010605

Monkeys chillin' on the beach?  Sure, why not!  ((See if you can play I Spy the Monkey!))

P1010598P1010595 P1010538P1010617 P1010537 P1010532

Gorgeous water, perfect sand, standing where Leo stood...all pretty great.  But have you seen this sandwich?  This may have been the best moment of the entire weekend - a chicken sandwich on actual bread with cheese(!)...oh yea, and the background isn't bad either.


At home - you get in a fight at a bar...you get kicked out.  In Koh Phi Phi - you get in a fight at the bar and you get a free bucket of alcohol...Hey, mai pen rai, right?  That's what Jacob thought, anyway.  He got his butt into the ring and took on a semi-pro all in the name of a good time!  P1010505 P1010514P1010519 P1010515P1010491We were also able to squeeze in some rooftop movies at Banana Bar including There's Something About Mary and The Beach (completely by coincidence).  Side note:  if you haven't seen The Beach...I would check it out.  A lot of it is relatable to my life now - minus the crazy hostel guy, the shark in the water, and I'm not in a secret society...or am I?


Should we stuff our faces with roti? Why not!?  Who doesn't love some roti to end the night on.  It's basically the Thailand version of the crêpe...delicious!


Why walk home, when you can roll!?

Welcome, Farang!

Welcome, Farang!