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Life is Good

Life is Good


This weekend we decided to lay low in Khanom since it's the most accessible and affordable option near Surat Thani.  We grabbed our sunblock, towels, and bathing suits and hit the road on our motorbikes.  The trip is a little over an hour - but the easiest drive ever!  Unfortunately, with our luck this trip took about 2 hours due to some bike trouble Nikki had.  What we thought was an empty tank of gas was actually a dead battery...shows what mechanics we are!  Thankfully she broke down 3 minutes from a local shop and they fixed her up in no time.  Dan kindly reminded me to grab some shots of this break down for the blog...which then turned into a D. Cliffe photo shoot (boy, I can't wait to move to England to work for this kid one day).P1000833P1000832P1000829P1000830P1000831

When we arrived at Jam Bay we were greeted by the blue skies, Joe's smiling face, and the rest of the gang - who were a few deep by then.  After inhaling a delicious lunch of cashew chicken and rice it was off to the ocean for the day.


Jam Bay has definitely become our weekend getaway...just to give you an idea at home of what price range we're talking about - my accommodation for the night was 200 baht (my own bathroom, a double bed, and AC), my bar/food tab for the two days came out to about 900 baht, and the cost of getting to and from ran me 200 baht.  1,300 baht in total - convert that to USD and you have a grand total of... $44.  Dinner alone at home would probably cost $30.  Life ain't bad in good ol' Thailand.


(All we need in Khanom)


Last weekend I had to blog a two-part post on Ton Sai because I may have taken a ridiculous amount of photos...this weekend was the complete opposite.  I passed the camera around to give everyone else a chance to play photographer/cinematographer, so I could take the weekend off to enjoy some food, hula hoops, and music...I mean, we are at Jam Bay!  For the first time, Dan AND James played together!  Phil, however, stole the spotlight as the night went on.


As I will most likely heading back to this little piece of paradise this weekend, look out for more photos...as well as who will be this week's musical sensation!

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Ton Sai Day Two: A Lazy Saturday

Ton Sai Day Two: A Lazy Saturday