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After a long hard day of playing on the pitch, the crew gathered up their buckets and hit the dance floor.  With local artists and musically gifted teachers, Jam Bay was full of good tunes all night.  Being the party animals we are at TL, we hit the bar immediately.


Isabel got her groove on with Maggie…


while the boys showed us just how versatile a bucket really is:

You can carry it as a fashion statement.


You can use it as a defense mechanism if you so happen to cross paths with a big, bag wolf.P1000427

You can take a lovely stroll through the market with your friend.


You can wear it on your head, as if in Africa, carrying water from the river.

P1000430 P1000429

You can act shocked that other people are not sporting such a statement piece.  Faux pas!


As the buckets flowed and the phosphorescent came out to play in the water, Daniel Cliffe (of the famous Daniel and the Cliffe Hangers) hit the stage.  With a Scottish guy (yes, he was wearing a kilt) on drums and a local Thai guy on the bongos, our very own English bloke nailed it!  Everyone loved the set list of covers, aside from one drunk girl who kept trying to steal the microphone.  D Cliffe set her straight though.


Phil and I decided it would be a good idea to become bucket buddies.  Except, when you give a mouse a cookie…he’ll want three bottles of whiskey.  Not to worry – the “save our bucket” fund was put into effect and we raised enough money to keep the night going strong!  Pavlov did not go thirsty!



Now, back to these phosphorescent.  If you go in the water at Khanom when it’s really dark – away from any light – and run your hand through the water these small green lights appear.  Since I’m a fan of children’s movies…it reminded me of James and the Giant Peach when he gets those green glowing worms – except this wasn’t a worm.  It was just a weird light that followed you when you moved…so cool!  Sorry I couldn’t score a picture – next time!


We danced, and drank, and swam, and drank, and danced some more…and just before the sun came out I called it quits and retreated back to my mattress on the floor.  Is it the weekend yet?


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