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Chew on That

Chew on That


P1000254 Last week the motorcade and I decided to continue on with our exploring of the scenery and culinary delights.  After traipsing through the jungle this crew was hungry.

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(The gangsters of Surat)

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(Thug life)

P1000294 P1000295

We stopped by a local restaurant and were immediately greeted by a Thai math teacher who told us the food was fantastic here!  We kicked it family style and ordered a bunch to share…beers were first, though.

P1000296 P1000297

We decided on:  red curry, green curry, fried rice (of course), seafood salad, fried vegetables, and some soup that was given to us on the house.  After eating, we thought we should do what we do best – keep eating.

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At the pier I wanted to try something different, so I picked up a dragon fruit.  It looked so appetizing with its hot pink exterior.  But instead it looked like chocolate chip ice cream and wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped for.  It tasted like a really bland watermelon…disappointed.

P1000307 IMG_0002

(Haley trying out a motorbike for the first time!)

Later in the week, Roommate Maggie and I hopped over to a yoga class to destress.  The class was great – very slow and meditative.  After a two hour session, the instructor and her husband, Tom, gave us tea and sesame crackers.  I talked with Tom about how he lived in NYC for 30 years as a bartender…(Dad, don’t ask me where, I don’t remember).  We talked about how much we loved the city and how nothing can compare even though Thailand is so beautiful.

(ps--in addition to yoga, Dani and I played a pick-up game of basketball with some Thai guys in the park the other night...we're so athletic)


Since we were starving, we took a detour on the way to Thai lesson for some noodles.  Maggie and I tried to order in Thai with no avail, but ended up with delicious soup regardless.

So far, I haven’t gotten sick of rice or noodles yet…although I could go for an egg sandwich, pizza, a hamburger, a burrito, and some sweet chili Doritos, but hey – ya can’t win ‘em all right?

Boozy Footy

Boozy Footy

Pampering at It's Finest...

Pampering at It's Finest...