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#Basic Fall Activities

DCIM100GOPRO Ah, fall!   A time for leggings, boots, and flannels, hikes, beautifully colored trees and pumpkin flavored everything.  Yes, we are also basic here in Korea.  DCIM100GOPROAs the heat died down in Ulsan we were able to leave the AC of our apartments to enjoy nice weather and see what our city had to offer.  Hikes were hiked, zip lines were zipped and Halloween was conquered!  My newly purchased Go Pro was along for the ride for most of these adventures...so please excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to working this foreign device.


Doing the same old thing in the city was starting to wear on us, so we decided to get in touch with nature in the best way we knew possible - by swinging through trees.  A group of us ventured out to Herb Hillz in Daegu for a day of zip lining before the leaves turned brown and fell off.  1798935_10152371781151761_3917528693553408636_oAfter gearing up and listening to the instructor's directions...in Korean...we were ready for our day of adventures up high.  The park is located in the mountains of Daegu and we went on a beautiful weekend where the foliage was perfect!   IMG_8043IMG_804410801784_10152481300088499_6657135265446930941_n

Not only does Herb Hillz have zip lining, but it's a park that's full of trails, art installations and tree houses to explore (mostly with your family of children...but hey, act your shoe-size, right?).  After finally reaching our destination, I was able to grab a few good photos of the leaves before all daylight escaped us and we were trapped high above the ground in the dark with a few spotlights and carabiners.  Don't worry, everyone made it out alive and Andrew and his princess lived happily ever after.   IMG_8041DCIM100GOPRO10711017_10152586638652585_9021369341574197037_nIMG_8040IMG_8036DCIM100GOPROIMG_8035DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROIMG_8056DCIM100GOPROIMG_8057DCIM100GOPROIMG_80331234768_10152465445358499_6759731134770562978_n

It wouldn't be fall without some Halloween fun!  While it's not celebrated to the same degree here as it is in the states, we thought it'd be fun to dress up and go out for the night.  With limited supplies we pulled together some interesting outfits...some which made more sense than others - I'm looking at you, Paul and Matt.  10384596_10152572696232585_2435809244992166870_n10708660_10205393018931953_5894974741944452762_o

IMG_8153Don't you worry, we hadn't stopped hiking just yet!   Oh a whim, we decided to go for a Sunday stroll around the lake just north of Buk-gu and enjoy the nice weather before the impending doom of winter came around.   IMG_8151IMG_8150IMG_8149IMG_8146IMG_8145IMG_8144IMG_8142IMG_8141IMG_8140IMG_8136winter-is-coming-time-to-move-to-miami

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland